Figurary – The Sequel

I participated in fast figure drawing for Figuary 2020 and enjoyed it so much that I’ve continued it into March by going back to the lessons and videos from 2019.

The typical session consists of three 1-minute poses, two 2-minute poses, and a single 5 minute pose.

Here’s a complete session which demonstrates how I can increase the level of detail as my allowed time increases.

After the session I add class notes to the page. I find writing it down helps my comprehension.

First 1 minute pose.

1-minute poses on left, 2-minute poses on right.

5-minute pose.

January, Figuary, March…

I discovered Figuary earlier this week, specifically #Figuary2020, and I am officially obsessed!

Figuary is Figure Drawing Month. Every day this February there are daily tutorials and practice sessions co-produced by Kenzo and Mayko of and Larry Withers of Croquis Cafe.

I’ve been watching the tutorials and drawing from the fast poses to improve my ability to quickly capture people’s gesture. I did say fast poses…. most are one and two minutes long with each session ending with a five minute pose. This is a real stretch for me but I’m enjoying the half an hour or so it takes to complete the day’s session.

Some drawings are more successful than others and as you can see above, five minutes isn’t long enough to prevent errors in measuring and perspective. I’ll just keep focusing on capturing what’s essential and hope my technique will improve with practice.


Life Drawing Session

O6 April, 2016

For a size reference , all of these drawings were done on 18 in. x 24 in. newsprint.

Two 5-minute, two 10-minute, three 20-minute drawings of the same pose, and a final 30-minute drawing.

This post is a test. I found these photos in an old sketchbook and wanted to backdate the post so it would show up chronologically. I’m also testing to see if it triggers a notification to any followers so could someone please comment below if you see it? Thanks!