Figurary – The Sequel

I participated in fast figure drawing for Figuary 2020 and enjoyed it so much that I’ve continued it into March by going back to the lessons and videos from 2019.

The typical session consists of three 1-minute poses, two 2-minute poses, and a single 5 minute pose.

Here’s a complete session which demonstrates how I can increase the level of detail as my allowed time increases.

After the session I add class notes to the page. I find writing it down helps my comprehension.

First 1 minute pose.

1-minute poses on left, 2-minute poses on right.

5-minute pose.

January, Figuary, March…

I discovered Figuary earlier this week, specifically #Figuary2020, and I am officially obsessed!

Figuary is Figure Drawing Month. Every day this February there are daily tutorials and practice sessions co-produced by Kenzo and Mayko of and Larry Withers of Croquis Cafe.

I’ve been watching the tutorials and drawing from the fast poses to improve my ability to quickly capture people’s gesture. I did say fast poses…. most are one and two minutes long with each session ending with a five minute pose. This is a real stretch for me but I’m enjoying the half an hour or so it takes to complete the day’s session.

Some drawings are more successful than others and as you can see above, five minutes isn’t long enough to prevent errors in measuring and perspective. I’ll just keep focusing on capturing what’s essential and hope my technique will improve with practice.


#30x30DirectWatercolor2018… Part Two

After my first very uncomfortable 5 days of the Direct Watercolor challenge (see the previous post) I started to find my balance and decided to relax and just see what I could achieve without needing to create something “finished”.

The white iris is my first attempt at negative painting.

People! Thank goodness for Anne-Laure Jacquart’s YouTube video.

Yet more people practice… this time watching Trevor Waugh’s YouTube videos.

I have a few toys to model for me when I don’t know what else to paint or when it’s late as it was this night.

More negative and positive painting practice. I love this little jar, and yes… the jar has no e in saccharine, and no… saccharine is not better for me.

Committing to daily practice was key… and understanding that it was truly “practice” allowed me to start enjoying my painting time.

I hope you’ll come back Wednesday when the adventure continues.


Cold Weather – Warm Café

Winter has been creeping up on us and it’s become tougher to brave the elements and sketch outside. Thank goodness for the welcoming ambiance of a local café… the Tuckerbox, located on a corner in downtown White River Jct. Vermont.

I love people watching and have been working on sketching figures to improve my grasp of features and proportions. As I enjoyed my mocha I was treated to a splendid view of my fellow patrons.  Some, like this trio, were only there for a few minutes so fast was the operative word. I used one of my fountain pens filled with water-soluble ink…. just a touch with my wet brush gave me all the shading I needed.

141113aBut then there were the “regulars”… like this fellow.  Over the few hours I was there I saw him nurse his coffee, finish his work at the bar, leave and then return for lunch with friends. It was as if the Tuckerbox had become his office.

141113bI loved fleshing out his history in my mind as I sketched him… who knows… blogger? local reporter? … or, boringly… just one of the owners. Maybe I’ll just have to become one of the regulars to find out.


People Practice

77 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon.  It’s mid October and strictly speaking, since we haven’t had a killing frost, this isn’t Indian Summer. What it is, is too beautiful to be inside.

I wanted to practice drawing figures and there’s no where better to observe the public than the steps to the Opera House opposite the town green at lunchtime. A couple of hours passed like minutes.  If only it would stay as warm.