The Numbers Roll On

I’m pleased to note that although the numbers here in New Hampshire are still increasing the additional cases and deaths reported each day are slowing. It seems hand washing, keeping six feet physical distance, and mask wearing has made a difference.

Let’s not take this good news for granted and now is not the time to let down our guard. We must remain vigilant even as we expand our bubble to include more family and friends along with starting to go out and about.

I know I’ve done a bit of in-person shopping, gotten my hair cut, even had an outdoor lunch at a favorite restaurant but I’ll also keep working in my garden and drawing my life because I’m… as Governor Chris Sununu newest catchphrase states… Safer At Home.

Busy Times

It’s nearly summer and my garden’s screaming for attention. Yes, weeding but more importantly, watering! We’re in a drought and when I look at the 25 day weather forecast I don’t see any measurable rain in our future.

That’s why I’ll be out watering the garden when this posts in the morning. I don’t water grass and the garden beds take somewhere around an hour and a half. My coffee will just have to wait ’till then.

In the meantime here’s a spread I did for a class… my left hand.

Am I busy… oh yeah!

Life Drawing Symposium: Mini-Version

Last weekend I planned to be in White Plains, New York for Veronica Lawlor and Melanie Reim’s three day Life Drawing Symposium, but the COVID-19 pandemic had other ideas. After nearly a year of expectation I was bummed even though the cancellation was inevitable. But Melanie and Ronnie came up with a delightful back up plan… they presented a Mini Life Drawing Symposium on Zoom!

I’m no expert but this was the best Zoom meeting I’ve ever had. The lessons and their timing were well planned with no wasted time. The morning session’s focus was on thumbnails and composition while the afternoon session was all about hands and portraits with expression.

Lori Hammel was the model-actor we had for the afternoon session and she was very expressive as we had a minute or so to capture her emotions on paper.

Thank you Ronnie and Melanie… you’re both wonderful teachers and having this chance to experience your lessons has only strengthened my resolve to take the next in-person symposium. Fingers crossed for June 2021!

Meditation – 08 June 2020

A poem for World Oceans Day.

Surfer Girl


I’m walking on the beach this cold brisk morning,
the bleached sea grass bending in the wind, when there,
up ahead, in the pewter waves, I see a surfer in his wet suit,
sleek as a seal, cutting in and out of the curl, shining in the light.
I’m on the far side of sixty, athletic as a sofa, but this is where
the longing starts, the yearning for another life, the one
where I’m lithe and long-limbed, tanned California bronze,
short tousled hair full of sunshine. The life where I shoulder my board,
stride into the waves, dive under the breakers, and rise; my head shaking
off water like a golden retriever. I am waiting for that perfect wave
so I can crouch up and catch it, my arms out like wings, slicing back
and forth in the froth, wind at my back, sea’s slick metal polished
before me. Nothing more important now than this balance between
water and air, the rhythm of in and out, staying ahead of the break,
choosing my line like I choose these words, writing my name
on water, writing my name on air.

“Surfer Girl” by Barbara Crooker, from More. © CR Press, 2010.


You really should hear this… I’ve been obsessed with it ever since hearing it on The Writer’s Almanac way back in August, 2014.  Listen here.