Think You Can’t Paint? Just Try the Waterlogue App!

Have you ever taken a photo and said… “I’m going to paint this scene after I’m home!” … and then never did?

Well, that’s TOTALLY my M.O.! So many photographs, so little time! I took this photo of shorebirds on my recent trip to San Diego. (I tried looking them up… are they Marbled Godwits?)  I was definitely going to take my watercolors out and paint them.

Marbled Godwit

BWA-HA-HA!!!!!     … that was a month ago.

Enter the Waterlogue app. First off… you’ll need and Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7. The two creators, John Balestrieri and Robert Clair are working on a version that will run on a desktop/laptop Mac running OSX but it isn’t available yet. And sorry, you Android folks are out of luck.

Waterlogue will allow you to choose from 12 algorithms and paints an image as you might, sketching first, then painting light to dark.

Click each image to enlarge.

Waterlogue - Natural

Waterlogue – Natural

Waterlogue - Bold

Waterlogue – Bold

Waterlogue - Luminous

Waterlogue – Luminous

Waterlogue - It's Technical

Waterlogue – It’s Technical

Waterlogue - Travelogue

Waterlogue – Travelogue

Waterlogue - Rainy

Waterlogue – Rainy

Waterlogue - Illustration

Waterlogue – Illustration

Waterlogue - Soaked

Waterlogue – Soaked

Waterlogue - Shallow

Waterlogue – Shallow

Waterlogue - Color Bloom

Waterlogue – Color Bloom

Waterlogue - Fashionable

Waterlogue – Fashionable

Waterlogue - Blotted

Waterlogue – Blotted

I’m rather fond of Natural and Color Bloom but each choice is amazing!

Is it original art? No, after all, it’s still a copy. Will I give up my watercolors? Heck no! But this is so much fun just for the immediacy of it, I envision using it as a model to emulate with my brush and paints.

It’s the best $2.99 I’ve ever spent! Find it in the App Store and prepare to lose yourself as you play. Isn’t that what art’s all about anyway?

Stephanie Reininger – Watercolor Demo at Long River Studios

Saturday, April 19th was the date of World Wide SketchCrawl #43! Coincidentally, I went to an artist demonstration at Long River Studios, a gallery in Lyme, NH that specializes in works by local artists. Hmmmm… two birds, one stone?

Long River Studio

Stephanie Reininger, a watercolorist, demonstrated her loose and expressive style for a group of avid admirers. I did a quick gesture sketch to document my day and then settled in to absorb her fluid watercolor technique and try to grasp as much technical information as possible.



S.R. Palette


Thank you David and Lisa Chelone for bringing this unique experience to your gallery!  We all were blown away by your open and welcoming friendship, and of course, the awesome blueberry buckle!

And special thanks to Stephanie Reininger! You’ve inspired me to work larger and outside my beloved sketchbook!

S.R.5One last thank you… to Michelle Goldsmith, who spied the advertisement and gave me a quick email!  You’re the best!



Halfway Point for International Fake Journal Month

There’s a lot to celebrate today. The snow is totally gone from my garden, I’ve paid my taxes and I’m halfway into my April project, Roz Stendahl’s creation, International Fake Journal Month.

This year’s motto, No Explanations, means there’ll be no details ’till May but I do have 15 images for you to checkout on my dedicated IFJM blog: skylark If you’re a stickler for reading consecutive posts feel free to start with the April 1st post and go from there!

IFJM2014 1-15

Posting daily seems to keep me on my toes so be sure to return as the month progresses and remember…

No Explanations!

Sketchbook Skool… art for me!

I’ve matrikulated into Sketchbook Skool!

This endeavor is a wonderful kollaboration of Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene, two artists I’ve followed for quite a while. They’ve put together a six week kourse, (adding the k is killing me… I’ll stop now.) each week featuring the art, inspiration and guidance of a different artist.  Danny took the first week and inspired us to draw the ordinary, the everyday… no special equipment, just a sketchbook and a pen.  Paint the page first if a blank white page makes you freeze… just start.

140410 SBS1

140410 SBS2

Just yesterday, Koosje’s lessons, week 2, were posted.

I particularly appreciated Koosje’s intonation to “get over yourself!”… to just get out and draw… out in the open, in the community, even if… gasp!… people may be watching! This has long been one of my goals so I packed my sketchbook Friday evening when we went to a friend’s home for a Celtic music house concert.

140411 SBS3140411 SBS4

My apologies, portraiture is not a specialty, but I’m going to keep working on it!

Next up… Prashant Miranda.

Greek Salad Skewers

My friend Jann is au courant in the food scene. Her daughter, Jennifer Block and son-in-law, Steve Perlstein run the Simmer Truck... a food truck in Milwaukee, Wisconsin… coincidentally, my hometown. They specialize in fresh soups and panini and have expanded to full service catering.

I’ve spent the morning perusing their website and menus and now I’m starving. Believe you me… if I were there, I’d be first in line!

Anyway, I gave Jann my favorite appetizer “recipe” to share if they’re interested.

Greek Salad Skewers

This visual version is for you Jann!